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Nicola Whiting is Co-Owner of Titania Group, Worcestershire’s Commissioner for the UK Cyber Science & Innovation Audit, and an award-winning business mentor for initiatives such as BetaDen, NCSC, DCMS, Women in Business and Circle2Success. She is listed in SC Magazine’s Top 20 most influential women working in cyber security.


Neurodivergent, she advocates from experience for diversity in all forms, believing it will lead to broader and ultimately better solutions to our most pressing issues – in cyber security, business, and in life.


A published writer in magazines such as Huffington Post, Defence Contracts Bulletin and SIGNAL, this site shares some of her recent published work. Whilst in high demand, Nicola is always open to requests for articles or blogs in her areas of expertise…


There is nothing Nicola loves more than sharing her insight into her true passions – building inclusive cultures, accelerating business growth and cyber security strategy.

Keynotes and Talk Topics

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