Cyber Defense 2018 Global Awards

We are delighted to announce Titania won the top accolade in the Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management category of the Cyber Defense 2018 Global Awards.

Cyber Defense Magazine’s annual Global Awards honour cyber defense and information security innovators throughout the world, considering nearly 3,000 InfoSec players from the UK to USA, Israel, Japan, Germany and China.

Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine explains:

“Cyber Defense Magazine spent six months searching the globe to find the most innovative and cutting edge cyber security companies for our Cyber Defense 2018 Global Awards. “Titania won this award for Leader Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management because it is an innovator on a mission to help stop breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat, proactively.”

The award was in recognition of Titania’s Nipper Studio solution, which is:

“Unique in it’s field, both for it’s breadth of support and accuracy of it’s data. Titania’s pioneering technology virtualizes pentesting methodology and delivers it at unprecedented scale and speed.It is accurate, efficient and devoid of the mass data sets, false results and inaccuracies present in typical legacy scanning systems’ vulnerability feeds.

Granular “line by line” analysis (delivered at scale) and virtual modelling technology builds human understanding into how device settings interact with each other, giving a more accurate picture of security and compliance risks.

The output unifies and refines mass configuration data (from many manufacturers) defines precise compliance failures and security risks and provides prioritized “command line level” remediation actions.”

CSO Nicola Whiting was recently interviewed by Cyber Defense TV, during which she explained how this technology is helping to maintain some of the most secure networks in the world: