Unsung Heroes Awards 2018 – Security Leader / Mentor

We couldn’t be more delighted to announce that Nicola was “Unmasked as a Cyber Security Hero” at Security Serious’ prestigious Unsung Hero Awards Ceremony held in London earlier this month.

The 3rd annual awards took place at St Bart’s Brewery on 3rd October, honouring the best of the UK’s IT security heroes who work tirelessly to avert disasters from attacks against our critical national infrastructure, defend their networks from the daily onslaught of breaches and highlight the cyber pitfalls to educate the public. Uniquely, all the awards were in celebration of people not products and included such awards as Best Ethical Hacker/Pen-tester, Fraud Fighter and Security Avengers.

Also shortlisted in the Best Security Awareness Campaign for her advocacy of women and autism in cyber, Nicola won the Security Leader/Mentor category which recognises: “Someone in industry who leads a team or mentors individuals, taking the time to show them the ropes and ensure those coming through the ranks are prepared for the future.”

Thoroughly deserving of this recognition, Nicola dedicates much of her free-time to mentoring, coaching and presenting to cyber companies (from start-ups to major players) including:

  • Circle2Success,
  • Women in Business
  • Cyber Initiative
  • National Cyber Security Centre
  • DCMS Cyber innovation
  • The Accelerator Network
  • Worcestershire’s Cyber Innovation & Audit, and
  • Infosecurity Europe

Earlier this year, Nicola received this glowing testimonial, which provides some insight into the way she works and the benefit people get from her mentoring projects:

“In her mentoring sessions, she is able to provide practical advice on how companies can improve their current sales strategy, other areas they might want to consider and tools the could use to create efficiencies. All of this insight is so incredibly valuable to founders of cyber security businesses – as they are learning from someone who has been there and done it which enables them to ensure they are working with best practice – setting them up to win! Not only is Nicola an expert in this space but, perhaps most importantly, she is very approachable & friendly, which means it is very easy for the teams to speak with her. Nicola is well respected in the industry and it is easy for us to see why. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Nicola.” 
Katie Lewis, Programme Director, The Accelerator Network

Next week Nicola is speaking at Kaspersky NeXT 2018 will bring together Kaspersky Lab experts, external experts and European journalists for a 1.5 day conference where participants will learn about what is next for the Kaspersky business, what is next for the cybersecurity industry and what the next threats to technology will be.

If you’re looking for a mentor, coach or enigmatic keynote speaker – head to www.nicolawhiting.com for more information about the presentations in Nicola’s repertoire.